Welcome to Filco Industrial

SOLUTIONS using innovative products and ideas. Let us help you save time and money through knowledge and experience. 

Proven Experience

I have worked in the automation industry for over 30 years. As a sales engineer, distributor owner, and now as an independant rep. 

Let us share our knowledge and experience to help you get it right the first time.

Innovative Products

Our product solutions span a variety of areas of automation.

  1. CDS Indexers
  2. Controlled Dynamics Machine stands
  3. Desoutter Self feed drills and auto screw feed systems
  4. Hix Ovens
  5. IPR 7th axis linear robot transfer units, and end of arm tool holding devises
  6. Service Engineering bowl feeders
  7. TM Robotics

Solutions You Can Trust

You and your company face real-time problems every day, and its critical to solve these problems and keep your facilities up and running.  At Filco we assist you in solving these problems. We only represent products that have been proven over time. Products that are not only reliable and high quality, but also supported by industry experts with years of field experience.

You have expectations and responsibilities, we are here to assist you in meeting those demands
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